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Condition Guidelines

Read our guidelines below for acceptable product conditions follows a strict grading criteria when inspecting your items. It is extremely important you triple check your items and package them securely before mailing them to us. We have to resell these items so keeping them in great condition will increase your payouts. It is very easy to overlook the condition of your boxes, however, we cannot pay full price for even the smallest cosmetic defects.

We are not liable for any items damaged in transit from the mail carriers. Ask yourself this before shipping….would I purchase these supplies for full price?

We currently have 3 grading conditions when examining your items:

  • Mint – Perfect condition & store shelf quality, no visible dings, dents, scratches anywhere regardless of size
  • Dinged – 1 or more small creases, bends, very tiny tears, dents, scratches, minor discoloration
  • Damaged – Only purchasing select brands – (THIS INCLUDES ANY DAMAGES UNDER LABELS)

We do not purchase any items with broken seals, stains/smears/tears covering expiration dates and lots, items not listed on our website, items that are expired, boxes with sharpie on them or the barcode underneath, seal colors missing, or water stains. Every kit is case by case basis and pictures of our inspection will be provided to you for proof.

  • $3 deduction – all test strips
  • $5 deduction – All Libre products
  • $0.50 deduction – all lancets
  • $10 deduction – Dexcom, Omnipod, Medtronic

**Due to us paying for shipping, if ANY of your items are rejected during inspection, you will be subject to a return shipping fee.**

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